How does cryptocurrency trading work?

With IG, you can trade cryptocurrencies through a CFD account, derivative products that allow you to speculate on whether your chosen cryptocurrency will increase or decrease in value. Prices are quoted in traditional currencies like the US dollar, and you never take possession of the cryptocurrency itself. Ndax Trade CFDs are leveraged products, which means … Read more

What Is Perfume Made Of

We’ve all heard it before First Impressions matters. But does your perfume say the right things about you? When we want to create the right impression, we think about what we wear, take care of our makeup, and make sure our hair and nails are well-groomed. But how often do we take into account the … Read more

Selecting Perfumes Keeping The Colognes Aside

The perfume business is booming. Annual global demand is expected to grow at least 5% per year over the next decade as the booming economies of China and India build more HNWIs around the world. Euromonitor research indicates that the overall perfume market grew by 4.95%. The best performing segment was luxury perfumes for women. … Read more