What Is A Taper Candle?

taper candle is a type of candle that can be used for various occasions. They are popular for special events such as birthdays and anniversary parties. The candles come in many different sizes and colors. There are even beeswax candles available that give off a fresh scent.

Tapers are long, thin candles made from paraffin wax. Some are molded into shapes such as stars and hexagons. These candles can be decorated with other materials, such as colored wax, for an eye-catching effect. 

They are also available in dripless styles. Dripless taper candles are safer because they do not melt all over the taper. However, they do not burn as cleanly as oils or oil-based candles. This is a problem because dripping wax can stain furniture and floors. When purchasing dripless taper candles, ensure that the store offers various shapes and colors. You can find a taper that suits your tastes and your home. 

Dipped candles are produced by repeatedly dipping a wick into a pot of melted wax. It creates an irregular, lumpy appearance, which some producers intentionally aim for. Dip-molded candles require much more work, making them more expensive. 

To avoid dripping, choose taper candles with a square or flat braided wick. The flat braided wick will curl as it burns, creating a larger flame. Since the wick is centered inside the mold, it allows for a wider range of decorations. 

Another way to create a dripless taper is to mix regular wax with stearic acid, which occurs naturally in animal fats. Added additives help strengthen the outer wall of the candle and improve its resistance to drafts. 

Tapers are a great choice for religious celebrations, such as a church’s candelabrum. However, they are often used for dinner parties and other fancy events. If you plan to use taper candles, it’s important to buy high-quality ones that will last a long time. Depending on the size and construction of the candle, the length of time it will burn will vary. 

The most common wick type for taper candles is the flat braided wick. This type of wick produces a larger, reliable flame and is easy to light. It can be purchased with metal or plastic molds.

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