These are some Types of Tow Truck

Types of tow trucks
From the beginning of the trailer until today, the crane has changed its characteristics and evolved. Over the course of the history of road transport, it has taken on different aspects and changes many characteristics, so today we have 5 types of cranes:
Boom Tow Truck – This type of equipment consists of an boom winch used to tow damaged or faulty vehicles out of a ditch or hard-to-reach location.

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Hook and Chain Tow Truck / Belt Lifter – As equipment, this tow truck uses chains that are placed around the vehicle frame, allowing the vehicle to be towed. This type of trailer can scratch and damage the vehicle’s chassis, so it’s not a practiced option for towing lately.
Wheel Lift Tow Truck – It is actually a hook and chain tow truck that has evolved and changed the practice of towing with a metal yoke instead of the chains that are placed around the vehicle. The metal yoke can be easily attached to the front or rear of the vehicle. The wheel forklift system actually lifts the drive wheels. The only contact area is the wheels. This is a safer way to tow that prevents the vehicle surface from being damaged.
Flatbed Truck / Pullback / Skid Trailer – This is a modern truck, where the technology allows the truck bed to be placed very low to ground level. The vehicle is towed by a winch and placed on the platform surface. With the platform crane, the damage level is very low, almost zero.
Integrated Truck / Autoloader / Depot: It is a combination of wheel lift and tow truck in one unit.
When can the crane be used?
It is always best to learn a few tips on how to fix a few small defects on your truck, but in some cases the situation may be beyond our control and beyond our ability to fix the defect.
Being a truck driver makes you a man of action, but sometimes things are too complicated for our abilities.

Your Traveling Friend is a towing service that can help you even in the most extreme situations, saving you time, nerves and energy.
If a serious defect occurs: In most cases, a towing service is required if a serious defect occurs that the truck driver cannot repair himself. The crane goes to the place where the defect occurred and the first thing the crane service does is to check most of the defect and to be able to be repaired in the same place. If the problem cannot be solved, the tow truck is towing the truck to the nearest garage or to the place where the driver wants his truck to tow.
In case of an accident: If your truck becomes part of an accident, the towing service will take care of your truck quickly and safely, picking up every piece of the truck and towing it to the workshop.
If your truck is in a ditch: Many vehicles traveling in adverse weather conditions, such as snow, rain, or thunderstorms, can easily slip off the road into a roadside ditch. The tow truck could be the only help in this situation by handling the truck professionally without causing further damage.

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